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Jumping Spiders. Surprisingly... Cute?

Spiders should not be adorable. But. Well. What else do you call this?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D92AUXhYZ0M (a longer clip)
You should read:

Kim Addonizio, Physics
Or anything else by this poet- this woman can write! I read her poem What Women Want back in high school, like basically everyone, and I was like, meh. Good ideas, but not my thing. Now I've come back to her and oh my God, she's a genius. It makes me despair for my own writing. ...You know. In a good way.

Hamletmachine, Starfighter
This is beautiful slash web comic by the amazing and gracious Hamletmachine. Read it! It's hot, it's exciting, it's action-packed, and it's brilliantly written and designed. A very smooth, engaging read. Also very NSFW. GRIIIIIN.

You should watch:
Silly french movie. Sort of cliche- kind but painfully shy girl lives through other while neglecting her own life, and finally has a shot at love if she can get up the courage to go through with it- but also adorable, funny, and more than that, just really engaging. I was never board. The characters are unique and silly. Very french. Beautiful camera work. A fun film to watch with friends or alone.

You should admire:
Micheal Shapcott
Beautiful mixed media art work which combines imaginative composition on traditional themes, and a really unique method of building up value.

And then, when you are done with that, enjoy:
I was just reading an article on yahoo about US medical experiments on Guatemalans 60 years ago. Almost 700 patients at a mental hospital were injected with STDs and observed. H Clinton and Sebelius gave a joint statement apologizing for what they called, "abhorrent research practices." There's more to say on this issue, but that's not what I'm here for. As per usual, someone had to write something utterly ignorant in the comments. Today it was Steve.
"It's horrible that it happened, but to deliberately open up a 64 year old wound that most are unaware of is pretty stupid. Horray, give the world another reason to hate the US. /sarcasm"
CHIRST. What the hell is wrong with you, Steve? And how did this get 474 thumbs up, and only 321 down? This isn't even the first time I've seen this. It's like if something happened more than ten years back, it doesn't exist to most people.
I was reading a yahoo article on that new machine they are thinking of putting in prisons, and I was horrified. I think the ACLU is correct to block this. Some reasons:
The fact that it doesn’t leave a mark doesn’t lessen the horrific idea of burning someone alive as punishment.
We have learned that physically disciplining children is ineffective, for the most part. The same is true of adults. Unlike in the Middle Ages, we don't punish crimes with pain(such as beatings or whippings), only time. Those kinds of punishments are difficult to administer and inhumane.
I think adding a burn ray is likely to inspire more misbehavior. People act out when they feel threatened and powerless, two things jail is designed to do to you. People forget, but jail, for most people, is temporary. Putting someone prone to violence in a violent environment, then releasing them back into society and expecting them to behave is ridiculous.
Not all people are in prison for heinous crimes. It's mostly money crimes. The environment itself might trigger the outbreaks of fighting. Prison is already a stressed environment. Adding fear to that seems unreasonable. Most prison inmates don’t act out, but the idea that their body is theirs to control is a comfort to them, like owning maize and learning karate.
Recent use of DNA testing in murder and rape cases has shown a surprising number of innocents in prison, and those are only a few cases selected for re-examination where the evidence was available.
You can’t stop thinking of prison inmates as fellow human beings.
Any place where people are given unconditional power over others they are liable to abuse it. This happens in boarding schools, in religious hierarchies, in mental hospitals and treatment facilities, at orphanages and by foster parents, everywhere. Police abuse people on the streets all the time- remember Professor Gates, held in a cell for two days because his neighbors called the cops when he tried to get into his own house? He was given no way to prove himself innocent. Goodness knows what would have happened if he didn’t have connections. In prison, people have no means of escape or ability to legally protest their treatment. I know a woman whose husband was sent to prison for a year, yanked into a case where his superiors were embezzling money, and the guards would empty food into his bed simply out of spite. He had no way of gaining new sheets, and when the food leaked into the mattress, it rotted. And that was for no reason, when their only weapon was food. Given an instrument like this, and permission to use it, awful things could happen.

They have people working there who can effectively break up struggles when it’s needed. It’s an issue of people not wanting to pay all those salaries.

So, I posted comment saying that on the articles, and then I went and read some of the others. I was horrified. I know the internet is largely a sesspool of the most hateful shit the human mind can produce, but it was stunning to hear people say that they think prisoners should be burned alive in front of other criminals, for real, that inmates have no rights, that they aren't humans. Just... gah. That's awful. I'm not some cushy "rehab, not prison" person, but this brings me back to Cat's Cradle and 1984.

People are terrible. Myself included.

I Just Want to Make Babies, Lol

I Just Want to Make Babies, Lol
Oh god. The pregnancy fanfic. Here’s how it goes. A and B are not in a relationship, they are not friends, they either barely know each other or have some stormy history. Drunk party, one night stand, two weeks later, whammo, B is pregnant. 9 months in approximately 9 bitingly cliché, butt-numbingly inaccurate chapters where character development is seemingly thrown to the way side to be replaced by sap and temper tantrums, and near the end of it (sometime after character B complains a lot about being blimp sized and character A teases them, but is secretly ‘amazed by the creation of a new life,’) they fight, they mutually confess, and the story ends right after they learn if it’s a boy or a girl, name the baby after someone dead (can’t decide if you want a girl or boy? Twins! Want B to be extra pregnant and adorable? Sextuplets! Bonus points if they get referred to as a litter), and declare their eternal love for one another. Make it stop!

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There Are Many Ways to Skin a Cat

So I've been watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, reading a bit more of the manga, and thinking on FMA series 1.  I fell in love with the first series before even glimpsing at the manga.  It's just a brilliantly well done show.  The characters are rich and well developed, the action is exciting, the music and animation are beautiful.  I love the strong female characters, I love the fighting.  When Izumi stands in front of the Gate and screams and the focus zooms out... just wow.  It's the screamiest, angstiest anime I've ever seen, as well as one of the funniest.  It's stunningly original and, while it does get preachy at times, there generally is a good balance between adolescent confusion and moral clarity.  It ended well.  I wasn't a huge fan of the movie, except that one part where Wrath fights Gluttony, but overall: thumbs up. 

Brotherhood... I'm just not as crazy about. To be fair, I never really like the manga.  I have problems with the anime too, of course.  There aren't many strong female characters other than Izumi, who wishes she was a mother, and various other mothers who never become action characters.  Winry isn't a mother, but she spends most of her time worrying about and or scolding Ed, delivers a baby, and helps raise a little girl.  She is very motherly.  Even Dante is a mother, but she shirks the responsibility and becomes a villain, while Hohenheim also shirks, but reconsiders later and becomes a hero.  It also seems that, once labeled “good mother,” characters don’t develop significantly or become involved in the action at all. The same can be said for the manga, really. It always irked me just a little bit in the anime that Rose chose to keep a pregnancy that resulted from rape, effectively letting a rapist decide the course of the rest of her life, but that’s just my own opinion. His fight with Greed seems harder, and when he finally wins, it's more of an accomplishment. Ed gets to be too much of a hero sometimes, and in the manga, at least the Xing characters show up to take him down a peg, but then in the anime, the homunculus are just more formidable over all.   Ed is nicer in the first anime.  When he walks by Rose, who is lying in the dust, distraught, I actually winced. Jeez, that’s unnecessarily cold. Would it kill him to help her up? The image of her on her knees while he stands is a powerful one. I suppose if I had just one complaint about Brotherhood, it’s that we don’t get to spend as much time with the characters. I just don’t care about them as much as I did in the first anime.

Also, question: in the first animeverse, Ametris is sort of like an alternatre version of WWII Germany, correct? Making the Ishvalans Gypsies/Jews who go nomadic as the tides turn/possibly any other race as they have their own country, something Gypsies and Jews did not. Although Jews had their own towns… Whatever. But. Does that make the Alchemists members of the SS? They are the elite human weapons at the control of the fuehrer.  They have to pass a test. They are treated with a certain level of deference by the other soldiers. Creepy.


Hm. Just received the following review on Come What May.

You're a Buddhist and Jewish? okay, i can take Buddhism, but how can you not believe that Jesus wasn't the Messiah? that's pretty stupid. Judaism's a piece of crap. You're going to hell. you should convert to Judaism. So, are you conservative? cause I'm pretty sure that both Buddhism and Judaism are liberal. except for conservative Judaism, or reform Judaism.


Thank you, brilliant internet friend. If you or someone you know would like to harp on my religion, please follow this link over to my Artemis Fowl fanfic (power and finesse obviously run in my genetics)! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3786642/1/Come_What_May 


Hurrah. I’m not Buddhist, but the way, although I have an enormous respect for their peaceful philosophy. I am culturally Jewish bordering on atheist.


Artist Rec


So I've been on DeviantArt, just admiring people more talented than me, and i decided to make a list of a few artists who I really love.

A beautiful gallery- pay particular attention to her portraits of women.  Brilliant use of color and space with  really unique style that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Very original.  And very strange, but the handling of the medium is superb and every composition is thoughtfully done.

I've never much liked vectors or really blatant use of rudeness as a tool in art, but these are great.  Unashamed and beautiful and with a lot of emphasis on red, a weakness of mine.

Check out here personal favs- they're great.  She never does the same thing twice, and the gallery is just one big mash up of mediums and style and designs.

Oooh, the pretties.  O.O

Those are just a few current favorites, more to follow.


Why Breaking Dawn Sucked Balls

 Generally, I think there is way more Twilight bashing than the books deserve, but I think we all had a bone to pick with Breaking Dawn, so here's some rant for you all.

(Spoilers, PG)


Why Breaking Damn Sucked BallsCollapse ) 


Greetings, livejournal-ers.   Call me by my LJ name, that's fine.  To keep it simple, here goes:


Drawing creepy shit, reading creepy shit, writing creepy surrealist shit, spell-check, the internet, shipping unlikely couples,ice skating, disease research, chocolate, being thin


Prejudice people (who saw that one coming? Ooh, I did...), OoC fanfics, when I make grammatical errors and look like an ass, poetry by teenagers- not as a rule, but in general, cumbersome introductions

I probably won't post too often, but I'll be out and about.  Slashin' your dudes.